Company Name EASY MARKING Inc.
Location 132-0035 Hirai Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 7-25-27
TEL 03-6231-9099
FAX 03-6231-9992
E-mail address info@easymarking.co.jp
Representative Director Yoshihashi Shinji
Established April 1, 2000

・PVC pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for business content and decoration planning, construction.
・planning involved in the glass for decorative film, construction.
・ corporate advertising, planning involved in the ink-jet sheet for advertising decoration, construction.
・Vehicle exterior for corporate advertising, planning involved in the promotion inkjet sheet for vehicle decoration, construction.
・ commercial facilities, planning of graphic sheet for inside and outside the store, construction.
・ import goods, sales operations of clothing.
・ All business incidental or relating to the above items.

Main Bank

・ Mizuho Bank Hirai Branch 

・ Komatsugawashin'yokinko

The main business partners advertising production company architectural firm, a printing company, Design Office.